Body restoration

Anne Edwards | Physiotherapist

Anne Edwards


Anne has worked as a physical therapist in Edmonton since graduating from the University of Alberta in 1997.  In 2016, she completed a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Alberta and published a paper on evaluating rotator cuff tears in the shoulder. Anne has worked for many years with orthopedic and sports injuries, including on-field / on-court injury management for rugby and basketball. Her additional training includes Gunn IMS, assessment and management of jaw dysfunction, and movement assessment in athletes. 

From this musculoskeletal and sports background, Anne was drawn to adding another approach to her physical therapy practice: effective breathing. Her interest initially stemmed from the contribution of poor breathing to ongoing neck and low back pain in some clients. In pursuing training with the Bradcliff Breathing Method, she has come to appreciate the many ways breathing affects function and performance in sport and daily life. 

As an avid hiker, road runner, and newly initiated ultra trail runner, Anne understands the importance of self-monitoring and self-maintenance. Whether it is pain, movement difficulty or breathing dysfunction, she aims to help people understand their own bodies and give them tools to be able to participate in their own healthcare.