Do what
you love

Don't let pain slow you down.

Unique Care

Truly Collaborative

Work, kids, family, chores— it is a never-ending juggle.
It’s hard enough to do when you’re in good health.
When you’re dealing with an injury or health condition,
it can seem impossible. There’s not enough of you to
go around.

But what if you had a team of experts at your side, listening to what you need and helping you at every step? What if they could get you back to what you love?

That’s what Body Restoration is all about.

Body Restoration helps you live life unrestricted by pain or health issues. We’re a network of skilled professionals who are passionate about our work and your recovery. We empower our clients to achieve life-changing results every–single–day.

Our process is result-driven and effective. Simply put:
we combine cutting-edge technology, research-driven treatments, and true collaborative care resulting in a care plan as unique as your fingerprint.

Body Restoration is here for you.

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Dr Rambaransingh & Dr Peterson are great doctors you can tell they care for their patients. Body restoration really helped me. Thanks for the care guys

Vittorio Vocioni

I was referred to Body Restoration by a friend and I'm so glad I chose to come here. I got my first ever concussion and within a few weeks Irfan... read more

Khaleel Gova

I had 2 appointments with Dr. Jennifer Assh and I sincerely appreciated her compassion and understanding. Dr. Assh is very knowledgable, caring and professional. She is a definite... read more

Jim McDougall