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Physiotherapy Clinic in Edmonton

There are many great private physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton, Alberta representing a wide variety of approaches and experiences. While the quality of care provided at private physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton has dramatically improved over the last 10 years, I still run into people who are a little bit unsure that the time, energy and money that they are putting into their rehab is optimized.

At Body Restoration, we provide physiotherapy services in Edmonton and we have always believed that our patients should expect an outstanding physiotherapy experience. Anything less is an unacceptable use of your time and resources.

What to expect from an outstanding physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton?

As an experienced physiotherapist, I hear the same story all the time…“My friend is going for physiotherapy for her ‘back, neck, knee, etc. and she is not sure of what is actually wrong with her or if she is actually getting better. How can she know if her physiotherapist is actually doing the right things?”

Here are a few things you should look for:

  1. A Definitive Diagnosis

At the completion of your initial assessment, there should be a conversation about your diagnosis. The diagnosis you are given by your physiotherapist should ring true to you. This means that once you understand the condition (because you have been extensively educated on it) you will begin to have a deeper understanding of the problem.

  1. A Specific Individualized Plan

From an accurate diagnosis your physical therapist should be able to present a clear plan. You should be consulted and educated about this plan as it will ensure that it meets your physical needs, lifestyle needs and is clearly aimed at fulfilling your goals for treatment.

  1. Evidenced Based Treatment Interventions

Treatment interventions that your physiotherapist implements should be active as well as evidenced based. Sadly, somewhere along the way, some clinicians have lost focus on function and movement and focused strictly on pain by using modalities such as ultrasound, currents, magnets, lasers, etc. which have no evidence for their effectiveness.

  1. Collaborative Clinic Culture

Any physiotherapist who is interested in striving for excellence will surround themselves with other physiotherapists as well as other professionals to collaborate with and learn from one another. Inevitably these clinicians understand that providing the best care for a patient often involves using a multi-pronged treatment approach as well as collaborating and sharing ideas. Clinicians that choose to be a part of such a team will push one another to be better at their jobs on a daily basis.

  1. An Exceptional Customer Experience

Of course, an outstanding clinic is not built on physiotherapy alone. A great clinic should make the customer experience easy and enjoyable. At our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton, Ab we have an exceptional group of people that work together to make our patients a priority. This means going the extra mile for our patients by including things like appointment reminders, seamless booking, direct billing to insurance, and a clean and attractive clinic environment.

At Body Restoration, we do our best to provide people of Edmonton a great physiotherapy experience. Rehabilitation takes a lot of time, energy and resources. Don’t settle for anything less than outstanding. We currently have physiotherapy locations in south Edmonton and ST. Albert.