Continuing Education at Body Restoration
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Biomechanics of the foot April 12, 2019- OBJECTIVES: To understand a normal gait cycle To review the biomechanics of the foot and ankle To understand some common surgical pathologies and the impact… Read More
Sonographic Approach To The Shoulder April 8, 2019- OBJECTIVES: 1. To gain an understanding of the basics of ultrasound physics 2. To highlight some of the potential pitfalls of ultrasound in shoulder 3.… Read More
MSK Conditions and Pain MSK Conditions and Pain in Breast Cancer February 6, 2019- OBJECTIVES: 1. Describe the innervation and general anatomy of the breast 2. List the co-morbidities associated with the five standard breast cancer treatments 3. Classify… Read More
MSK Ultrasound MSK ULTRASOUND: LECTURE & SCAN SERIES January 13, 2019- OBJECTIVES: 1. Review the basics of ultrasound physics and knobology 2. Review sonographic anatomy of shoulder and elbow 3. Review sonographic pathology of shoulder and… Read More
Continuum Model of Tendon Pathology A REVIEW OF THE CONTINUUM MODEL OF TENDON PATHOLOGY January 13, 2019- OBJECTIVES: 1. Provide an overview of tendon anatomy and physiology 2. Review scientific literature on tendon pathology with a focus on Jill Cook’s continuum model… Read More
Nsaids and MSK Healing NSAIDS AND MSK HEALING January 9, 2019- OBJECTIVES: 1. Outline the mechanisms of action of NSAIDs and their adverse effects 2. Review the effect of NSAIDs on: a. Bone healing b. Tendon… Read More
ankle impingement OVERVIEW OF ANKLE IMPINGEMENT December 4, 2018- OBJECTIVES: 1. Define impingement 2. Relevant foot and ankle anatomy 3. Types of ankle impingement 4. Etiology and mechanisms of impingement 5. Diagnosis and imaging… Read More
knee osteoarthritis BONE MARROW ASPIRATE CONCENTRATE FOR KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS November 13, 2018- OBJECTIVES: 1. Outline the physiology of bone marrow aspirate concentrate and its effect on knee osteoarthritis 2. Review relevant scientific literature on bone marrow aspirate… Read More
body restoration windermere RADIOCULOPATHY December 12, 2017- OBJECTIVES: 1. Define radiculopathy 2. Review relevant anatomy 3. Clinical assessment for radiculopathy 4. Briefly review management 5. Identify radiculopathy mimics Read More