Speech Therapy in Edmonton
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We believe that communication is essential in developing meaningful relationships. We are committed to improving communication skills with and amongst our children and their families. In our practice, both relationships and communication skills are improved through fun, functional and play-based activities. We also believe that continued professional growth and development are essential to achieving a standard of ‘Best Practice’ for our clients. With our team of skilled SLPs, we ensure you have access to superior speech therapy at Body Restoration in Edmonton, Alberta.

Break Through Language Barriers

Our experienced Speech Language Pathologist in Edmonton will identify your child’s communication challenges and work through barriers like speech delays, expressive and receptive language disorders, and overall communication difficulties.

Improve Communication Skills

We use a wide range of strategies and tools to help your child maximize their communication skills.  Our approach is based on the interests and activities that excite and motivate your child.

Strengthen Family Relationships

Communication is the basis for meaningful relationships. Strengthen your connection through improved language and understanding with the help of some of the best speech therapists in Edmonton to bring your family closer together.

Experience Body Restoration

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