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Dr Andrew Willmott | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr Andrew Willmott
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Andrew Willmott, a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, attended medical school at McMaster and completed residency at the University of Calgary. Prior, Dr. Willmott was an electrical engineer who was trained at Queen’s University.

Electrodiagnostic medicine with the adjunctive use of ultrasound for the diagnosis of peripheral nerve disorders is one the primary focuses of Dr. Willmott’s practice. Ultrasound being a relatively new technique of assessing peripheral nerves compared to electrodiagnostics is quite exciting–at least to Dr. Willmott.

His other primary focus is on musculoskeletal medicine, what actually drew him to a medicine career in the first place. Once an avid rower, but not morning person, and for more than last 20 years an avid cyclist he became interested in biomechanics and the inevitable miscues that arise. This led to physiatry and being a bit technically minded the application of point of care ultrasound in aiding diagnosis and treatment of all things musculoskeletal. Combining that with being rather tall resulted in a strong interest in the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical neck and back pain, in particular interventional procedures with ultrasound guidance. Although Dr. Willmott is versed in and certified in Alberta to do fluoroscopy guided spine procedures.

Outside of work when not cycling he can be found daydreaming about kitesurfing, sipping lattes and pontificating on the importance of a good (burr) grinder.