Reinventing Rehab at Body Restoration
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Our Core Values

Do What You Love

Getting our patients to the point that they can do what they love starts with our hiring process. Our foundation is built on finding those that are passionate about their profession and the service they provide. We also believe that allowing our people to have time to engage in activities they are passionate about outside of work is key to satisfaction at work – leading to great service and amazing results.

Collab is Fab

Collaboration is a key part to our success. Having the humility to know that you never have all the answers and having the mindset to share information, techniques, and success stories, allow us to amplify our results.

Research, then Innovate

Research is a great thing, but applying it to your every day practice is another thing altogether. We believe using the latest research and technology in practical every day treatment applications allows to us to get our patients that much better.

Empower through Education

Empowering our people and patients to commit to their recovery through education and active participation is a significant part of our treatment planning.


We are guests in our surrounding community and being part of that community means giving back. Whether its our time, our participation in local events or promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, we want to support the place we live and work.

Reinventing Rehab


To be the foremost network in physical medicine and rehabilitation by elevating standards of care and empowering Albertans to achieve unparalleled results.


Body Restoration is a coordinated partnership of multidisciplinary professionals who are passionate about providing innovative and specialized rehabilitative care by:

  • Using cutting-edge technology and research-proven strategies.
  • Promoting collaboration amongst professionals by sharing knowledge to provide advanced care.
  • Empowering patients to commit to their recovery through education and active participation.
  • Engaging and developing ambitious healthcare professionals to provide exceptional patient experience.
  • Becoming a trusted partner in the community to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.