Christine Christianson | PT - Body Restoration
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Christine Christianson | PT

Christine Christianson obtained her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, and Bachelor of Physical Education with a Nutrition Minor from the University of Alberta. Before completing her Masters, Christine worked as a personal trainer and exercise therapist for three years, gaining extensive experience in therapeutic exercise, soft tissue release and functional therapies for a variety of ages and conditions. Athletics, nutrition and fitness have always been a large part of Christine’s lifestyle and she incorporates these strongly-held values into her holistic, therapeutic approach to rehabilitation.


In her clinical placements Christine gained experience in, and has a special interest for functional manual type therapy, PNF and muscle energy techniques. A type of therapy which focuses on enhancing joint mobility and re-educating dysfunctional or weak muscles. Christine is also currently working on furthering her knowledge in both Advanced Orthopaedics and Acupuncture.


Christine is passionate about helping patients of all ages achieve their goals by providing treatments and exercise routines to facilitate recovery and return to doing what they love to do!


Outside the clinic, Christine enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, long distance swimming, and running and often participates in long distance races throughout the year.


Physiotherapist. MScPT

Winderemere Studio, Edmonton